Hi there!

Hi! Welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Hillary and I wear many hats- but my very favorite one is mom to Aniston & Ellison and wife to Chris. We have a sweet, but annoying, dog named Dudley and two annoying, but sometimes sweet, cats named Pat & Tim. I work full time in healthcare and also manage our rental business. I inconsistently dabble in Etsy making sweet shirts for littles (and mamas too).

My professional life is full time+. The “+” is because I manage a business that’s open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Which instantly sounds overwhelming and stressful to a normal 9-5 person (do those jobs even exist btw?) but it’s the job I’ve always wanted and I really do love it. I also have phenominal bosses that give me the flexiblity that’s required when you are on call every minute of your life so that helps too!

But, I’m a maker. I love to make things and if I’m not making things my cup feels empty. I’m not too particular on what I make either- I’ve floundered between Etsy, antique booths, jewelry, and my favorite- home-making. Which might be my favorite because it can literally include anything!

So, my corner of the internet is dedicated to all things home-making with an emphasis on making a house a home with a little help from thrift stores, estate sales, and second hand finds.