Where & WHY to Start Thrifting

For me, thrifting feels second nature. Although, I cannot really remember when I started… post college out of necessity perhaps? Some people thrift to save money and that’s a lovely and reasonable motivator to get started (nod to my thrifted couch I purchased and covered in Lowe’s paint drop cloths in my first apartment) but once you get your feet wet you’ll stay in it for the chase.

Really- why would I go to TJ Maxx and spend $24.99 on a new totally average platter when I know I could go into any of a dozen second hand stores and have my pick of unique quality finds for under $5?

A fun estate sale haul.

To those who haven’t thrifted before, it can be slightly intimidating to get started. I’m talking first day of school jitters while you’re in the parking lot of Salvation Army for the first time wondering if you’ll stick out like a sore thumb while looking for your next treasure. The quick answer is no. Really, no one will know!

If you’ve never thrifted before, buckle up. If you’re a thrifting pro, read on and you might learn a thing or two- thrifting is SO DIFFERENT in various parts of the country. For starters, there are various types of thrift stores that I’ll lump into the following categories:

  1. Chain Thrift Stores
  2. Small Owned Thrift Stores
  3. Antique Malls
  4. Yard Sales
  5. Estate Sales

Knowing what category of store you’re going into helps you know your expectations- Can you negotiate? Do you bring your own bags? Are there sales? Do you have to pay with cash? Are all the items priced?

The unknown of these questions is what discourages many from thrifting and by finding out these answers you’ll have the necessary tools to curate the home of your dreams without spending a fortune!

A fun set of 6 acrylic glasses I got for $4 they are selling on Amazon for $79!

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